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BSM John Kennelly  DCM MSM, RGA


       This website is intended to be a permanent and definitive archive in commemoration of the life of BSM John Kennelly DCM MSM, Royal Garrison Artillery (RGA), who served the guns for 21 years.

       John Kennelly was my paternal Grandfather. He was an unassuming man who served his country with distinction during World War I (WWI), but it is also important to address the mystery regarding his background, and to correct errors published about him elsewhere on the web in some military and genealogical sites.

BSM JK in France Crop

BSM John Kennelly

    France, 1917

        This website does not pretend to make a definitive contribution to WWI history, but it does go into some detail regarding the Batteries my Grandfather served in and the notable battles he participated in.  It is more of a personal memoir to honour  a man who is otherwise forgotten, but I am happy to include contributions from others regarding any of the contents of this site, or who had a relative who served in the RGA at any time and may wish to mention them here.

     Anyone who wishes to contact me in connection with any of the contents of this site may do so via THIS LINK.

     Whilst the contents of this site are copyrighted by me, I am happy for anyone to use any of the material herein for non-commercial use, providing that I am given proper recognition and cited as the source.

     For ease of presentation, and in order to explain fully the mystery surrounding John Kennelly’s parents and his place and date of birth in some detail, this site has been divided into a number of pages, the titles of which appear in the left-hand navigation panel and are repeated in a horizontal navigation banner at the foot of each page. Clicking on the appropriate title in either navigation menu takes the reader to the appropriate page.

        Finally, although it also appears elsewhere on this site, I think it is apposite to append a photograph of my Grandfather’s medal group here as well. From left to right these comprise: Distinguished Conduct Medal (DCM), 1914-18 War Medal (WM), 1914-1918 Victory Medal  (VM) with Mentioned in Dispatches Oak Leaf emblem on the ribbon, Long Service & Good Conduct Medal (LS&GC), and Meritorious Service Medal (MSM).       

       These medals bear the following inscriptions around the rim: DCM - ‘9541 B.S.MJR. J.Kennelly.293/SGE.BY. R.G.A.’; WM - ‘9541 W.O. CL.2. j.kennelly.R.A.’; vm - ‘9541 W.O. CL.2. j.kennelly.R.A.’; LS&GC - ‘9541 B.S.MJR. J.Kennelly. d.c.m. r.g.a.’; msM - ‘9541 B.S.MJR. J.Kennelly.194/SGE.BY. R.G.A.’.

       The original medals were bequeathed to me and are still in my possession.

Grandads Medals

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